Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is important, and we encourage you to carefully read it.

This Privacy Policy discloses how we collect, use, and share information that we gather related to your engagement with and any other of our software applications, mobile applications, and websites and services that reference or link to this Privacy Policy (together, the Services). The Services do not include websites, mobile applications, or other services that link to another privacy policy. This Privacy Policy also describes the choices you have regarding our use of and your ability to access, correct, or delete the information. Subject to applicable law, by using the Services, you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy and consent to the data collection, use, and sharing described herein. Where necessary under applicable law, we may seek your consent by other means such as by asking you to click on a button or to change a setting. Where we do so, we will also offer you a way to revoke your consent.

  1. How and Why We Collect and Use Personal Data and Other Information
  2. Data Collection Technologies and Consumer Choice
  3. How We Share or Disclose Your Information with Partners
  4. Other Limitations on Privacy
  5. Retention Period
  6. Data Rights
  7. Minors' Privacy and Submissions
  8. International Transfer
  9. Our Commitment to Security
  10. CCPA Notice
  11. Changes to the Privacy Policy
  12. How to Contact Us
  13. General Data Protection Regulation
  1. How and Why We Collect and Use Personal Data and Other Information

    In order to operate the Services and to maximize your experience of the Services, we may collect and use information, some of which may be considered personal data in your country. Please note that you may choose not to provide us with certain information; by doing so, however, you may not be able to receive the full range of Services from us. We collect information in the following ways:

    1. User Account and Registration. When you choose to register a user account, you will be required to provide your e-mail address. If we can use information, alone or in combination, to reasonably identify you as an individual, we treat the information as personal data.

      We may use personal data that you provide to give you personalized treatment on the Services; to operate the Services; to analyze, improve, enhance, and fine tune our products and the Services; and for any other purpose that is permitted by applicable law and consistent with this Privacy Policy and the permissions you have provided us.

    2. Information Provided By You. You may also choose to provide us with information, some of which may be personal data, when you interact with the Services in the following ways:

      • Complete a survey for example, for example, you may provide us an e-mail address so that we can contact you about your survey response;
      • Enter a contest, sweepstakes, or other promotion for example, you may provide your telephone and home address and we may be legally obligated to disclose this information if you win;
      • Send us an e-mail message or complete an inquiry form to receive additional information for example, you might e-mail us with a question and we will use your e-mail address to respond to your inquiry;
      • Submit a comment, leave feedback, or send us a photo or video for example, you might submit a cool photo of a weather event you experienced that we may post on the Services so others can enjoy it;
        Special Note about Content Submissions. The Services may from time to time offer areas where you and other users can post or otherwise submit information, photos, videos, graphics, creative suggestions, ideas, notes, concepts, information, ratings, or other materials on or to the Services (collectively, Submissions). Any geolocation information, tags, or other metadata in Submissions may become publicly available. Any information, including personal data, in your Submissions can be read, collected, or used by others. We cannot control and are not responsible for how others may use the information contained in your Submissions
      • Report weather or other conditions for example, you might tell us that the weather in your area is cold or rainy and we may associate that information with your account;
      • Engage with interactive advertising we receive the information you provide when you submit oral or written questions or comments via the interactive ads that are placed on the Services or on third-party platforms; and we may share this information with our Ad Partners; and
      • Customize the Services for example, you might set a "home" location so that every time you visit the Services, you are automatically displayed the weather for that home location.
    3. Automatic Collection. We also collect certain information through automated means. Some of the information we collect through automated means may, whether alone or combined with other data, be personal data. For example, we automatically collect:

      • Information about your device and device capabilities
      • Information about your device operating system
      • Information about your browser
      • Information about how you use the Services
      • Your activities on the Services
      • IP address
      • Advertising identifiers
      • Mobile or Internet Carrier
      • Browser type
      • Browser identifier
      • Referring URL

      This information helps us to understand, analyze, and measure how users use the Services; manage Services' operations; deliver and measure the effectiveness of advertisements; help diagnose problems; recognize repeat visitors; and facilitate your access to and use of the Services.

    4. Location Information. We, our service providers, and our Ad and Analytics Partners (see Section 2 for more information) may collect location information through the Services. We may share the location information we collect with third parties as addressed in Section 3.

      We collect location information to provide you location-based services (such as severe weather alerts and other weather information through our mobile applications and on our websites), provide advertisements that are relevant to your geographic location, and conduct analytics to improve the Services. The ways in which we collect location information, and the type of location information we collect, depend on the devices you use to access the Services and the settings for those devices.

      If you are accessing the Services through the Sites, we may detect your general location so that we can automatically show you the weather for your general area. Depending on browser type and configuration, your browser may inform you that the Sites would like to collect your specific location and request your permission to do so. If you do not allow it, or your browser does not permit it, only your general location information is then collected and may be stored locally on your device. Even if we are unable to collect direct location information on your device, you may manually enter a location (such as city, postal code, and country). If you opt out of sharing your current location, you may continue to receive content that is relevant for the city you have entered in the search bar (i.e., contextual city name).

      If you access the Services on your mobile device, we may, depending on your application and operating system settings, directly collect precise geographic location information and sensor data via Global Positioning System (GPS), cellular network information, and other location-based features. Depending on your mobile devices operating system, we typically receive the latitude and longitude of your mobile device, as well as date and time and sensor data such as altimeter. The precision of latitude and longitude varies greatly and is determined by various factors including those controlled by your device, operating system, or mobile service provider.

      You can turn off direct location collection (or, on some operating systems, continuous direct location collection) through your device settings. If you turn off location-based services, you may continue to receive alerts for locations that you have selected within the Services and that do not require current location.

    5. Alerts and Notifications. Certain Services offer you the ability to receive weather-related updates via push notification. To provide these Services, we may need to collect device information and mobile carrier information, in addition to the postcode or geographic area to which the alert, update, or notification pertains. If you no longer wish to receive these notifications, you may opt out by turning them off within the alert settings of your user account. You may also opt out through the settings on your mobile device or the particular Service for which you registered, or by deleting the application.

    6. Information from Analytics and Advertising Partners. We may obtain information about you or your use of the Services from our vendors and other third parties such as analytics providers or advertisers if such third parties have a legal basis to share such information. We may combine the information you provide us and information we automatically collect with information from public or third-party sources. If we combine or associate information from other sources with personal data that we collect through the Services, we will treat the combined information as personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

    7. Processing Basis. Our processing of your personal data in order to provide you with the Services will typically be based on one of the following processing bases: (i) because you have provided us with your specific, informed, freely-given, and unambiguous consent, (ii) because we need to process it in order to provide you with the Services or a particular feature of the Services; that is, because we cannot readily fulfill your request without performing the relevant processing, or (iii) because the processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued either by us or by a third party and such legitimate interests are not overridden by your privacy and related rights as an individual. Our legitimate interests include the provision of market-leading weather-related products and services, including the Services.

  2. Data Collection Technologies and Consumer Choice

    We and third parties acting on our behalf or on behalf of our partners use various technologies that help us to manage the operations of our Services and track usage behavior so that we may tailor information and personalize advertisements to make your visits more meaningful and to offer accurate forecast data to everyone, everywhere, free of charge. We adhere to the self-regulatory principles of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA).

    We work with a variety of advertisers, advertising networks, and advertising servers (Ad Partners) that use various technologies to collect data about your use of the Services (such as content viewed or ads clicked on) in order to serve relevant ads. Ad Partners use various technologies on the Services on web and within our applications to (among other purposes): track how the Services are used, what pages or content users interact with, and what sites or mobile applications users interact with after they leave the Services; link users devices; and serve more relevant ads on and within the Services or other websites or mobile applications that you visit. More information about this type of advertising is available from the Network Advertising Initiatives website

    We also contract with certain third parties that use data collection technologies to track, analyze, and report data about the use of the Services and to analyze and optimize the performance of the Services (Analytics Partners).

    Information that we collect via the data collection technologies described in this section may be linked to other information about you such as location and may be personal data. We use the technologies described in this section, alone or in combination, to understand user behavior, target and measure the effectiveness of advertisements, help diagnose problems, recognize repeat visitors, and facilitate your access to and use of the Services.

    1. Use of Cookies, Web Beacons, and Information Saved by Other Technologies

      Third parties may use cookies and other technologies through use of our Services to support or deliver personalized advertising on third-party websites and online services. The data collection technologies we and third parties use on web include but are not limited to:

      • Cookies: Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website and stored within your browser. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit to that website or to another website that recognizes those cookies. Some cookies on our Services collect IP and MAC addresses, which may be considered personal data in some jurisdictions. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize a users device. You can find more information about cookies The cookies used on this website can be categorized in the following ways:

        • Category 1: Strictly Necessary Cookies

          These cookies are essential in order to enable you to use the Services and its features.

        • Category 2: Performance Cookies

          These cookies collect information about how you use the Services (such as which pages you go to most often and if you receive error messages). In general, these cookies do not collect information that directly identifies you. However, some such cookies may collect GeoIP or other identifiers that may be considered personal data in some jurisdictions.

        • Category 3: Functionality Cookies

          These cookies allow Services to remember choices you make (such as language or the region you are in) and provide enhanced features (such as local weather reports or traffic news). These cookies can also be used to remember changes you have made to customize the Services.

        • Category 4: Targeting Cookies

          These cookies collect several pieces of information about your browsing habits. They are often placed by advertising networks rather than website operators. They collect information about your interactions over time with the Services as well as with third-party websites and online services. This information may be shared with other organizations such as advertisers in order to provide you with advertisements that may be more relevant to you based on your inferred interests.

        • Category 5: Social Network Cookies

          These cookies are generally generated by content embeds. They allow social network users to share content and use other features such as publishing comments.

      • Web beacons: Certain pages on the Services contain web beacons. Web beacons allow third parties to obtain information, such as the IP address of the computer that accessed the page on which the web beacon appears, the URL of the page on which the web beacon appears, the time the page containing the web beacon was viewed, the type of browser used to view the page, and the information in cookies sent by the third party.

      • Web Storage: We use local storage, such as HTML5 localStorage and indexedDB, to enhance user experience by, for example, storing your user preferences and settings (e.g., volume/mute) in connection with animated content on the Services. Local storage is similar to browser cookies but can store data more complex than simple text. By itself, local storage cannot do anything to or with the data stored on your device.

    2. Use of Advertising Identifiers

      We and our Ad Partners may collect information about usage of mobile applications via advertising identifiers to support or deliver personalized advertising. An advertising identifier is a randomly-generated alphanumeric code associated with a users device to help advertising services. These user-resettable identifiers have different names depending on the operating system Google Advertising ID (GAID) on Android devices and Identifiers for Advertisers (IDFA) on iOS. Advertising identifiers provide advertisers a way to identify a users device without using a permanent device identifier, such as serial number.

    3. The opt outs described below are device- or browser-specific and may not be available for all devices. So, if you opt out on your mobile device, you may continue to receive personalized advertising on your desktop computer or other devices. If you choose to opt out through any of our Ad Partners' sites, you still may see advertisements, but the advertisements will not be based on your interests.

      You can also opt out of future information collection from the Services by adjusting the settings on your device, ceasing use of the Service on web, or un-installing the relevant mobile application.

    4. Web-Related Opt Outs

      For more information about our Ad Partners technologies, how they use the information collected by the technologies on the Services, and your options not to accept cookies placed by some Ad Partners on the Services, please visit the DAAsopt-out page, the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada's (DAAC's)opt-out page, or one of the EDAA's country-specificopt-out pages. In certain jurisdictions, you may also opt out of additional third-party advertising networks by going to theNetwork Advertising Initiative's website.

      Your browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, may allow you to manage your cookies and local storage. Because each browser is a little different, we encourage you to check your browsers Help feature to learn how to block cookies, how to receive notification of new cookies, and how to disable existing cookies. Please note, however, that without some cookies you may not be able to take full advantage of all the Services and some parts of the Services may not function properly. For more information about managing cookies, please

    5. Mobile Application-Related Opt Outs

      You can opt out of personalized advertising on Android and iOS through your device settings. Please note that these opt outs will disable personalized ads from all providers on all of your apps, and not just on our application.

      The DAA offers AppChoices, a separate choice tool for users to exercise control over the collection and use of data through mobile applications for personalized advertising and other related uses. To exercise choice for participating companies, you can install the DAAs AppChoices application on your mobile device. Visitherefor more information on DAA's AppChoices tool.

  3. How We Share or Disclose Your Information with Partners

    We may prepare and maintain information collected from the Services in a format that does not identify you or other individuals, and we may use or share such information. For example, we may analyze personal data to generate aggregated or statistical data, neither of which is personal information. We may also share any information collected from the Services in the following ways:

    1. Third-Party Service Providers. When your personal data is collected on the Services, it may be shared with selected third parties who assist us with our business operations, with the provision of the Services, with our marketing or advertising campaigns, or in delivering you the features and functionality that you have requested (Third-Party Service Providers). These Third-Party Service Providers include, without limitation, companies that support our advertising programs, provide data storage, support customer service, assist with audience research and product development, and facilitate or deliver materials to you via e-mail, other electronic communications platforms, or postal service. We also may provide personal data to third-party mapping service providers to provide you with map content for the Services. Third-Party Service Providers are authorized to use the personal data that we provide to them only to carry out the service they are providing for us. All such Third-Party Service Providers are contractually bound by us to keep the personal data confidential.

    2. Companies Offering Promotions, Products, or Services.We may share location data, advertising identifiers, IP address, and aggregate usage statistics for the Services with advertisers.

      At times, we will provide you with the opportunity to opt in to receive promotions, products, or services from third-party sponsors. We also may provide you with the opportunity to receive products and services directly from specifically-identified third parties through the Services. In these instances, you must explicitly consent to receive each offer. When you explicitly agree to receive offers from specific third parties, your information is shared with those specific third parties to enable them to provide you with the offer you have requested. We are not responsible for the information collection practices of these third parties, and all information provided is governed by the privacy policies of these third parties. You should review the privacy policies of these third parties before supplying personal data to them.

    3. Other Websites, Other Services, Plug-Ins, and Links.Like many websites on the Internet and other Internet-based services, the Services may link to webpages located on websites or services maintained by various other entities. In some cases, you may navigate to pages of other websites that are framed with elements of the Services such as in the header or footer. In that case, the URL will identify the site you are visiting. In other cases, such as advertisements, you will be connecting to another site or service when you click on or otherwise activate those opportunities, including click-to-call, click-to-text, and click-to-e-mail opportunities. These other sites and services are not bound by our privacy policy, and we are not responsible for their information collection practices. The privacy policies of other organizations may differ from ours, for example, with respect to the level of security, use of cookies, and collection, use and disclosure of personal data.

      Some of the Services allow users to interface with other websites or services. You will remain logged in to those other sites and services until you log off. Your use of those other sites and services is subject to the privacy policies of those sites and services, and not this Privacy Policy.

      Some of the Services use third-party operating systems, platforms, communication services, devices, and software elements (such as mobile device operating systems, wireless services, mobile phone, and tablet devices), and some of the Services are provided by third-party distributors, device makers, device operators, platform operators, and communication services. We do not control these third-party entities, products, and services, and they may collect, use, process, transmit, and disclose your information. As we do not control these third-parties data handling practices, we recommend that you review their privacy policies, terms of use, and license agreements (if any).

    4. Ad Partners and advertisers. We may share information we collect with Ad Partners and advertisers so that they can deliver relevant content or ads on their own websites or apps or other third-party websites or apps and analyze and report on content or ads users see or interact with. Ad Partners and advertisers may also collect, or we may also provide to Ad Partners, information via the technologies discussed in section 2 above or via interactive ads. The information may include data about how users interact with the Services, information users provide to or through an interactive ad, the content and ads users have viewed, users activities on other websites and online services, and physical places users have visited.

    5. Aggregated Information. As part of the Services, we will prepare and maintain information collected from the Services that is aggregated or otherwise altered so that it does not directly identify you and cannot reasonably be linked to you. We use and share such information for our business purposes.

  4. Other Limitations on Privacy

    Subject to applicable local law, we, our affiliates, or our Third-Party Service Providers may disclose your personal data without your permission (i) pursuant to judicial or other government subpoenas, warrants, or orders or otherwise to comply with law; (ii) where we believe an individuals rights, property, or safety or security is at risk; (iii) if we find that your actions violate ourTerms of Serviceor any of our other legal rights; or (iv) where otherwise required or permitted by applicable law (which may include a lawful access request by U.S. or foreign courts, governments, or law enforcement agencies).

  5. Retention Period

    We will retain your information for as long as needed to provide and develop the Services in accordance with Section 1.G. above. We will also retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. We may retain information that no longer identifies you indefinitely.

  6. Data Rights

    You can request to access, obtain a portable copy of, correct, or delete data related to your stored preferences and your use of the Services. Please contact us at [email protected].

    If you have registered a user account with us, you may reset your password, update your personal data, correct information, delete your account, or opt-out of certain Services by accessing your account.

    In the event that you consider our processing of data related your use of the Services not to be compliant with the applicable data protection laws, you can contact us at[email protected].

  7. International Transfer

    The Services are hosted on servers inside and outside the United States. If you are located in the European Union or elsewhere outside of the United States, information that we collect (including through cookies) will be processed and stored in the United States, a jurisdiction in which the data protection and privacy laws may not offer the same level of protection as those in the country where you reside or are a citizen. Subject to applicable law, by using our Services and providing information to use, you consent to the transfer to and processing of information in the United States and other jurisdictions. Where necessary under applicable law, we may employ appropriate cross-border transfer methods governing personal data.

  8. Our Commitment to Security

    We have put in place physical, electronic, and managerial procedures intended to protect your data. Of course, we cannot guarantee that your communications with the Services will never be unlawfully intercepted or that your personal data will never be unlawfully accessed by third parties. Any transmission of information is at your own risk.

  9. CCPA Notice

    The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (the CCPA) requires certain disclosures that already are covered in our Privacy Policy. This section provides an overview of the information required by CCPA and how to exercise your rights.

    1. Disclosures about the use of your Personal Information

      As described in our Privacy Policy, in order to operate the Services and to maximize your experience, we have collected and used the following categories of information in the past twelve months:

      • Information related to User Account;
      • Information provided by you;
      • Information automatically collected from your device, in accordance with consumer choice;
      • Location information;
      • Information from Analytics and Advertising Partners.

      This includes Personal Information as defined by the CCPA:

      1. Identifiers such as an online identifier or IP address;
      2. Commercial information relating to your use of the Services;
      3. Internet or other electronic network activity informationrelating to your use of the Services;
      4. Geolocation data; and
      5. Personal information under the Customer Records provision of the California Civil Codesuch as your email address.

      During the past twelve months, we have disclosed, for a business purpose, information within the categories as defined by the CCPA and listed as 1-5 above.

      During the past twelve months, we may have sold information within the categories as defined by the CCPA and listed as 1-4 above. As described in our Privacy Policy, when allowed by you, we may use and share your device's information with trusted partners for advertising services that they provide to us. Some partners may also use this information for their own purposes. The transfer of your information to such partners may be considered a "sale" under CCPA. Information on how you can opt out of sharing your information with these partners for purposes beyond the advertising services they provide us is provided below. You also can opt out of sharing your information for personalized advertising through available web-related opt outs and mobile opt outs described above.

    2. Data Rights

      You can learn more about the data rights you have and how to exercise them. You have the right to:

      • Know your Personal Information. You can request information about the Personal Information collected from your use of the Services.
      • Delete your Personal Information. You can request that we delete the Personal Information that we have collected from your use of the Services. We will delete your information unless it is necessary for purposes permitted by CCPA.
      • Opt out of sale of your Personal Information. You can opt out of the sale of personal information at any time in the following ways (please note that we do not track users across devices, so you will have to opt out from each device where you access the Services):

        Web & Mobile
        - If you are located in California when you access the Services, you can request that we not sell your information by contacting [email protected].
      • Non-discrimination. If you choose to exercise any of these rights, we will not deny goods or services to you or provide different quality of services, unless that difference is reasonably related to the value provided by your data.

  10. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy as business needs require. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post those changes here prior to the time they take effect.

  11. How to Contact Us

    If you have a question related to this Privacy Statement, please contact us at[email protected], or at:

    Attn: Privacy Office
    231 Madaket Road
    Nantucket, MA, USA 02554
  12. General Data Protection Regulation

    European Union Minors Privacy: Where GDPR applies, we do not knowingly collect personal data from children under age 16 (or such lower age permitted under applicable local law not being lower than age 13).

    International Transfers: If you are located where GDPR applies, information that we collect (including through cookies) will be processed and stored in the United States. The appropriate cross-border transfer method governing personal data included in such transfers is the EU Standard Contractual Clauses agreement pursuant to EC Decision 2010/87/EU.

This Policy was last updated June 5, 2020.